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Prevention Weight Loss Breakthroughs
Learn to quickly stabilize your ghrelin levels and start losing weight in just 72 hours!Learn to quickly stabilize your ghrelin levels and start losing weight in just 72 hours!

There’s no better feeling than seeing your bathroom scale start spinning in reverse. And the sooner it happens the better. That’s why The Belly Fat Fix includes a special Fast-Track plan.

You’ll lose up to 5 lbs in 3 days...and up to 7 lbs in 7 days!

You get a complete, three-day menu plan — including recipes and shopping lists — so you just can’t go wrong. Each meal is deliberately packed with ghrelin-suppressing foods. Instead of riding a ghrelin roller-coaster, everything will level out and your cravings will start to vanish.

Best of all, you’ll begin to understand the difference between physical hunger and out-of-control appetite. You’ll be able to resist foods that were basically irresistible three days ago.

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You’ll break the unhealthy habits that have been holding you back.

Once your ghrelin monster is back in its cage, it’s so much easier to start making healthier choices! Remember, you’re not going to be eating “diet” foods; you need to enjoy the real thing to keep your appetite under control. You’ll get more than 60 recipes for ghrelin-suppressing hearty meals in The Belly Fat Fix.

Quickly see real progress when you step on the bathroom scale!

Lisa N. has long struggled with her weight, and she recently lost 37 pounds with The Belly Fat Fix. But she really adores the Fast-Track plan because it works so fast. She’s discovered that it’s an amazingly effective way to “catch up” with her overall plan if she happens to overindulge. Just recently she lost 7 pounds in just 7 days with the Fast Track, and says “I feel more in control and get a better handle on my cravings when I’m following this plan.”

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Why settle for “fake” cake and other diet foods?

Try Mother Nature’s ghrelin- suppressing foods that speed up your metabolism and help fight belly fat.

Brownies, anyone?
Our recipe is packed with cocoa and vanilla — and they melt in your mouth with every chewy bite. Go ahead... INDULGE, they help fight fat!

Italian-Style Chicken Meat Loaf

What better way to treat the whole family (and fight fat) than with a hefty slice of homemade Italian-Style Chicken Meat Loaf? Our recipe is super healthy and the saucy tomato topping recipe is perfection.

Creole-Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potatoes are a great ghrelin-fighting food that helps switch OFF your appetite. Our Creole-Baked Sweet Potato Wedges are crispy perfection drizzled with Cajun spices and salt!

Which of these is a ghrelin (appetite)–suppressing superfood?
A juicy grilled steakFat-free flavored yogurt

It’s the steak. Beef and other lean proteins are a much smarter choice than so-called “diet foods” labeled “fat-free” or “low calorie.” With The Belly Fat Fix, you never have to endure “diet” foods. You need to enjoy the REAL thing — or you’ll never control your ghrelin levels — and your appetite.

Don’t Let Ghrelin Lure You into the Hunger Trap!
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Health Disclaimer: An average customer who follows this plan should expect a safe weight loss of 1–2 pounds per week.


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