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Prevention Weight Loss Breakthroughs
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Gift #1 ... Supermarket Insider’s SecretsGrocery bills skyrocketing!

Supermarket Insider’s Secrets will show you how to save up to 78% every time you shop. Sail through checkout lines in record time. The last item to buy before checking out—it saves you a fortune on impulse buying. The $6 instant dinner for busy nights — no cooking needed! Which hidden shelves have the best deals. Learn how to shop in your own pantry for a quick dinner. And much more!

Gift #2 ... 2 Minutes to a Longer LifeEasy ways to live (almost) forever!

In 2 Minutes to a Longer Life you’ll find easy tricks you can do today to ensure you’re dancing at your 100th birthday. Our favorites? Drink coffee and you’re 50% less likely to get an antibiotic-resistant virus. Take the miracle vitamin that makes climbing stairs MUCH easier. Enjoy the candy that prevents wrinkles. Watch your favorite sitcom and relax your blood vessels by 20% for a full 24 hours. Plus much more!

Gift #3 ... 6 Simple Steps to Sensational SkinRepair and refresh your skin.

If you’ve ever smoked, sunbathed, eaten junk food, been stressed, or gained weight (that covers most of us), then your skin is now paying the price. In 6 Simple Steps to Sensational Skin, we reveal what top dermatologists do to repair and rejuvenate their skin. You’ll see the only cleanser (not soap) Yale University’s chief dermatologist uses. Plus find out why you should never wash your face in the morning. Plus more tips to help you put your best face forward!

Gift #4 ... The Belly Fat Fix’s G-ScalePLUS: The exclusive G-Scale Pocket Guide!

In 10 seconds or less The Belly Fat Fix’s G-Scale helps you instantly tell the difference between hunger and unhealthy cravings and when to eat to switch OFF your appetite. And you’ll be stunned by the sinful-sounding foods you need to fight belly fat! This FREE pocket edition is easy to reference anytime, anywhere and only available in this special offer with your free-preview copy of The Belly Fat Fix!

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Health Disclaimer: An average customer who follows this plan should expect a safe weight loss of 1–2 pounds per week.


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